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Laguna Beach
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Weekly scuba diving in Laguna Beach:
Here at South Coast Divers, we believe that the best way for NEW scuba divers (Newbies) to gain experience in scuba diving is for newbies to dive with experienced divers. We have done this since 1998 and we encourage all new scuba divers to dive with us. To join the email list, click on SCD EMAIL LIST (Above) and this way you can have the latest information and dive schedules, join today!! Plus now you can join the TxtMsg List too (Also above), that way you'll know where we are diving in Laguna Beach. The diver list is currently over 1,100 divers.
Join us, no membership fees here, it's free!
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This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain scuba diving experience by diving with those who have many, many dives, because we share our vast scuba diving experience with those who want or need it. Meet at the Laguna Hills mall at 7:30 AM for morning dives and 6:30 PM for night dives, leave for Laguna at 7:45 AM & 6:45 PM SHARP, don't be late. But remember, that this is just, 'A bunch of scuba divers who love to dive, getting together to dive'.
You must know your own limitations and you ONLY YOU can make your own decisions about scuba diving, WE are not responsible for you. Please make the RIGHT decisions about YOUR scuba diving based on your own training and skill set. There is never an 'Official' dive master or instructor 'On Duty', you dive at YOUR OWN RISK.



Rich Parker
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Here is the latest group email, in case you did not get it.

Good morning Divers!!!

Begin Time: 8:49 am
Time: 44 min
Max Dept: 55ft
Temp: 65-65 F
Visibility: 40 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, King high tide, small south swell waves, surge, current.
Dive Buddies: Rich. Total 10.

I was on vacation and missed the last 2 weeks so it was good to be back in the water. The conditions were bad a few days before and it did rain in South OC, but no
rain advisory was issued. We were having a king high tide where the moon and sun pull on the ocean from the same direction make the water movement more and
a higher tide.

I got to the mall and there weren't any new people. We decided on Crescent Bay to get the best visibility that Laguna can offer. We pulled out of the parking lot at
7:45 and zoomed down to Crescent Bay. A lot of cars were already there so we have to parked a little further.

The ocean was coming up on the beach covering most of the sand that we usually walk on. The waves were breaking and coming up to the wall. A deep channel
was dogged in near the stairs. We decided to give it a try and suited up.

While swimming out to the drop down point, I rolled over to see the visibility. The ocean was clear and it looked like we were going to have 40 feet of visibility
which is excellent for Laguna. At the drop down point we descended. I was able to see that we were up the coast a little further because deadhenge was east of
the drop down point. James and I swam over to that and followed it in to the reef. We swam and around the reef. It seemed different and maybe that was because
the tide was so high - about 6 feet higher.

On the back side of the reef, I saw a shiny object and swam towards it. It was a half of a scallop shell. I swam a little further and saw the other half. I decided to join
the two pieces and picked up the first half that I saw. When I picked it up, a bunch of California Sheep Head fish came out of nowhere to watch what I was doing.
One bumped into my arm where I dropped it. The fish swam towards and inspected it making sure all the meat was eaten. I picked back up and quickly joined the
two pieces. The fish were thinking that this was a new scallop and started to inspect it. I swam away and the fish kept their eyes on it.

I joined up with Rich and the rest and we saw a tightly grouped school of fish. We decided to surround them and see what they would do. They got nervous and
half of the school swam away and the other half stayed around and then went away. I noticed I was getting low on air and it was time to come back.

I swam near the last remaining pinnacle and knew I had to swim east. While doing that I saw a school of yellow tail or white sea bass. I couldn't see the shape of the
tail to determine which they were. I swam past the inner reef and looked at my gauge. It was time to come up. I swam at an angle going up to the surface and had
to swim the rest of the way on the surface to shore.

After packing our gear we headed over to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. It was an excellent day of diving and those that missed out really missed out.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour

Lobster diving in Laguna Beach:
Since January 1 2012, it has been illegal to take ANYTHING within the city limits of Laguna Beach. The distance out from shore is the better part of 3 miles. If you want to read part of what is posted from the DFG/DFW (Dept of Fish & Wildlife), go to
Open the link about Laguna Beach and then see the map in JPG or PDF form. So READ IT, there aren't any excuses for not knowing the laws. Just remember you cannot take ANYTHING in Laguna Beach, period. So you need to lobster dive outside of Laguna Beach. Thanks.

Diver Etiquette & Night Diving in Laguna Beach:
First, general Diver Etiquette. I can't count how many times I have to tell divers to be quiet and respect those who live around where we park in Laguna. Back in the 1960's the residents of Laguna got together and were nearly successful in banning scuba diving in Laguna. An agreement was reached where we see the regulations that are on the books with the City about having proper gear, including a snorkel (Which has been relaxed in the last few years). Part of this etiquette is wearing a proper swim suit. Nothing bugs residents more than divers standing around in their wet underwear (Or less) and changing into their street clothes. It would be my guess, you could also get cited by the local Police too. "Come on people" show some respect for the home owners!! If you have issues with that swim suit "bind" then wear a long Speedo type of suit. Then use a towel "Poncho" and change into your clothes. I am always surprised how many times I have to tell divers this. Night Diving. We are very fortunate we can dive Laguna year around, 24 hours a day (Conditions permitting). But at night don't "Blow air" after a dive. Simply take your gear elsewhere to break your gear down. If you don't think the residents can end diving in Laguna, "Think again". To read more about Skin & Scuba Diving in Laguna Beach, see Chapter 18.21 SKIN AND SCUBA DIVING in the Laguna Beach Municipal Codes (Click on Search).
Laguna Beach
Municipal Codes

Chamber Day 2014.
Each year the diving community gets together to raise money for the chamber at Catalina, the only chamber that is only for diver use in S CA. It is a non profit run chamber and they need divers to help support it.
Chamber Day
Thanks for your support.
SCD Hat? How do I get one?
The only way to get an official SCD hat with your name on the back is to show up for one of our dives, then you too can order an SCD hat., to get one, show up on a Saturday and place an order with me.
Scuba diving in Laguna Beach
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