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This web site was originally set up to inform Scuba Divers of the latest dive/weather conditions, trips that SCD plans and a place where I can share some underwater pictures & experiences with others. There isn't a membership fee and there never will be. The main goal here is help new divers (newbies) gain experience and to go diving!

Looking for a Dive Buddy? This is the place. Join the list and then you can drop me an email and also join up with us and find buddies you would like to dive with. One of the most asked questions I get is "Who can I dive with and not mess up their dive?" THIS is not an issue with the people here, because EVERY diver has had the same issue, we pass along our vast experiences with those who want to gain experience and want to become a good safe recreational diver. We aren't here for learning TECH diving, we are here for recreational diving. SCD also has instructors that dive with us on a regular basis and offer fair pricing, but they are independent of SCD and may be associated with area dive shops. So you can speak to the instructors and arrange a class as needed.

Google Ads. I put a lot of effort into making Google Ads only present Scuba Diving or Laguna Beach related info in their Ads on the SCD main page. Google has an opt-out plugin for most of the browsers out there, I highly recommend you have this if you do not want them to track you etc. I would also appreciate it if people who stop by to CLICK on the Google ads, as everyone else, I get a PPC (Price per click), which helps pay for my site, so "Thank you" ahead of time.

Thank you for stopping by South Coast Divers.

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